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Genex Utility was founded in 2015 with the aim to solve the water crisis problem. The company was started by Mr.Jeevan as a water treatment plant manufacturer after he discovered that the water crisis will be a major problem in the future in populated regions.Almost all the Metropolitan Cities face Water Crisis today. Industries, in particular, are facing severe problems as there is no adequate water to meet the City’s ever-growing demands, in the residential as well as in the Industrial areas. Exodus population from rural to urban areas, shortage and non-availability of land, the rapid Industrial growth and limited water resources are mainly responsible for the acute water shortage and the current situation. And if the same scenario continues for some more years, the Water – War situation everywhere. Will not be a surprise.

The solution today, therefore lies in the Conservation of available Water and in Recovering and recycling the same for Reuse after the proper Treatment of Waste Water.

The wastewater collected from various sources of various Industries, after treatment can be reused and finds many applications.

Genex Utility Management Services (GUMS) brings people together to create better policies for the future of water. We represent and work with the major water and wastewater service providers. It is established in 2015 in the field of Water and Wastewater Management.
Apart from water treatment plant manufacturer and sewage treatment plant manufacturer. we are also known for our specialized water and waste treatment management services in operation and maintenance of Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), installation of Sewage treatment plant (STP), and Water Treatment Plant (WTP). Our customers are residential apartments, commercial malls, Office buildings, Hotels, etc.

We also work with a wide range of partners, industry bodies and vendors in support of our vision of a trusted water sector.

Protecting public health is the reason why we were established. We provide essential services to treat and deliver safe drinking water and to remove wastewater and dispose of it with minimal impact on the environment.

The company has vast experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry, which enables it to provide the best quality water and waste treatment services to clients.

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We have backed by a talented team of professionals, who are specialized in the field of Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, wastewater designs and advanced engineering solutions.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced personnel has the industrial acumen and are familiar with each and every requirement of the customers. Hence, they are efficient in providing excellent services to customers.

Increase levels of customer and stakeholder trust in the sector. Address short and long term pressures on water and wastewater networks posed by growing demand and climate change.

Our vision is of a water sector that provides customers and communities with world-class services and enhances the quality of life.

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