Jun 08, 2020


World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 05th June to spread awareness among people about environmental issues. The official name is UN World Environment Day which was first held in 1974 to create awareness and take action for the protection of the environment. The major participants are environmental activists, NGOs, Governments, spiritual leaders, corporates, celebrities, etc. The activities include educating people about the values of the various resources available on the earth, the need for protection of the environment, how to use natural resources effectively, planting trees.


Genex Utility has also taken the social responsibility of creating awareness and educating people about the environment. It is our honor to launch an online magazine ‘Envirosurvival’ on the occasion of World Environment Day with an intention to provide an online resource for the awareness of the environment. The online magazine was launched by Dr. Ashwath Narayan C.N, Deputy Chief Minister, Government of Karnataka in the presence of Managing Director Mr.Jeevan K Raj and Director Sreepriya Jeevan. The content of the magazine is written by experts in various fields that cover the major human activities related to the environment. It will educate the people about how human activities are endangering the environment and what will be the future impacts on climate change and variation in the water bodies.

We need to plant more and more trees, preserve our water bodies, minimize the industrial effluent discharge in the water bodies, recycle more and more plastic, paper and water, modernize sewage treatment plants, etc. The industries should work more on industrial waste generation and management. We as responsible citizens should follow the safety measures and should educate our children and make them future-ready.