Reduce Publicly Owned Treatment Works Surcharges with Genex Utility Wastewater Solutions
February 12, 2020

Reduce Publicly Owned Treatment Works Surcharges with Genex Utility Wastewater Solutions

As wastewater regulations change and publicly owned treatment works (POTWs) have increasing difficulty keeping up with the demand of treating wastewater, it becomes advantageous for companies to invest in onsite wastewater capital equipment, especially in the food and beverage industry, who historically have not done this. The surcharges burdened upon companies from local municipalities pursues to rise like never before, and the costs have become such that the practice of simply paying the surcharges no longer makes any sense at this time of inflation.

Here at Genex Utility, we offer recommendations to reduce total oxygen demand (TOD), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), and chemical oxygen demand (COD) levels. We consider onsite water samples, and after deep examination, work out exactly what we need to do to get measurements below the POTW recommended levels so you can reduce or even remove surcharges.

As environmental regulations change, the kind of wastewater accepted by POTWs without acquiring surcharge varies as well. Your company may have once been in compliance, but now it is acquiring surcharges. Or, the surcharges have grown definitely. Besides, POTW complaints if brought into public foray, can badly hit any company’s prestige. No one wants to be known as the worst polluter in the city, state, or even a country.

Genex Utility has a team of experts, each with at least 10 years of experience, who can carefully operate your facility’s operation and examine your wastewater. Our biggest discriminator is our everlasting, sustainable Performance Guarantee Program, which ensures entire responsibility for any design flaws on our part. What that means is we’re willing to completely furnish a new system on our dime if we make a mistake. Genex adopts the approach, along with its 45 years of experience, sets us apart from the competition. Further, we have chosen to entirely concentrate upon offering wastewater equipment and chemicals for industrial firms. We work with facilities to find a most effective solution using a modular approach that reduces costs in the long run. Since applying wastewater solutions is all we do, our expertise and knowledge isn’t lays out across various products and services. You will appreciate the merits we offer by being experts in our field.

A great example of what we can do for you involve work we did for two food manufacturers. With one particular healthy snack food manufacturer, we were able to help the company completely eliminate surcharges costing them more than Rs. 100,000 per year, saving the company money, and more importantly, their reputation. We were also able to help a popular whipped cream processor save Rs. 47,000 in compliance, Rs 237,000 in waste disposal, and Rs. 148,000 in chemicals while reducing waste stream solids by 57 percent.

As the expenditure of wastewater compliance continues to rise, it’s becoming more and more important to make sure your wastewater is as clean as you can make it before it ever reaches the POTW. Genex utility has the experience and the expertise to enhance the cleanliness of your outflows and, as a result, enhance your image and your bottom line. Whether you are a food producer, a craft brewery, automotive manufacturer or other manufacturer dealing with wastewater treatment issues, our services will help you find cost-saving opportunities that will add up in the long run.

Your business does not have to face persistent rise of surcharges. Learn how to reduce or even remove surcharges from POTWs by contacting Genex Utility today!