Importance of Water to our Body
May 28, 2020

Importance of Water to our Body

Water is an essential supply to our body for metabolism and keeps our cells alive. Human body weight consists of 60% of water and water is utilized for the nourishment of cells, tissues, organs, for digestion, circulation, excretion to maintain body temperature and salt level and other bodily functions. Without water, the living organism dies as 90% of the blood content is water. Water is lost from our body continuously in the form of sweat, urination, breathing, and other activities so it is very important to rehydrate frequently in order to maintain the water level in our body by intaking clean water and fluids and foods that are rich in water content. The more water is intaken the smoother will be the digestive system and organs will be healthy.

Some benefits of drinking enough water:

1. It regulates the body temperature

Water is stored within the cells/skin, when there is excess heat generated in the body the water evaporates from the pores in the form of a sweat taking away the excess heat from the body. Living organisms require more water in the summer season whereas less water in the winter season.

2. It removes excess salts

Since water is a universal solvent it gets dissolved in most of the substance, in our body the excess salt and sugar particles get dissolved in water and filtered and are excreted from our body.

3. It maintains blood pressure

A low amount of water content in blood makes blood more viscous which in turn leads to high blood pressure.

4. It keeps kidney healthy

Drinking enough water keeps our organs healthy. A kidney is an important organ of circulation and its failure is fatal to the body system as it is responsible for removing unwanted minerals and particles from our body. Sufficient intake of water is necessary to keep our organs like kidney healthy.

5. It improves digestion and circulation

The intake of water is also an important factor for digestion. The digestion process will be smooth if enough water is taken. Water carries out minerals and supplies to every part of the body and is absorbed by the required body parts.

6. It boosts exercise performance

During the exercise and workouts, a huge amount of water is lost from the body affecting metabolism and exercise performance, so taking little water during the exercise will nourish the cells and boosts exercise performance.

7. It keeps joints in condition

In the joints there is a cartilage tissue that is made up of water. Water lubricates the joints and helps in smoother movements. Reduction in water quantity in the cartilage tissues will lead to joint pain and difficulty in movement.

8. It helps in the formation of saliva and mucus

Saliva helps to keep our mouth and esophagus lubricated and helps in the smooth flow of food into the stomach and prevents friction. Drinking more water cleans the mouth and triggers the mucus gland to secrete mucus.

9. It maintains the health and glows of the skin

The more water is intaken the more healthy is the skin and more it glows as most of the oxygen is carried out to other parts of the body by the water.