Genex | CSR Activities
Jun 01, 2020

Genex | CSR Activities

We, at Genex always committed for the betterment of the society, this makes us motivated and brings a peace to our minds. We are a Socially Responsible Organization and always give back to society via our initiative part of Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR). Our organization is always an active participant in various activities and event organizations. Freedom without social responsibility is animal freedom and freedom with social responsibility is human freedom or civilized freedom is our belief.

To fight against the spread of the COVID-19 disease at the large public gathering places, Genex had come up with an innovative idea of Foot-operated Sanitizer Dispenser. There will be zero contact while using the equipment and it is very easy to operate. As our Government and corona warriors are working day and night for the people of our country, it is also our duty as a Corporate Responsibility to educate people about the precaution to be taken in this pandemic era, hence we have donated the Foot-operated Sanitizer Dispenser to the Government offices where distinct public movement and gatherings happen quite often.

It was our honor that Senior Environmental Officer Mrs. Rekha and Environmental Officer Mr. Raju inaugurated the Disinfection drive at Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, Nisarga Bhawana, Bangalore. Our team will be working more in the coming days for the betterment of society.