Multiple kinds of Dual Media Filters & its Merits
January 11, 2020

Multiple kinds of Dual Media Filters & its Merits

Three, most common, types of dual media filters are mentioned here:

Calcite Filters

Calcite is a compound that is exists by nature found in the environment. Therefore, it is affordable. Calcite filters help to enhance the pH levels in water. They also counteract water. Constricting of pipes can be avoided because of this.

Anthracite Filters

This filter is used with sand in dual media filters. Its gravity is lighter than sand and this characteristic makes it more satisfactory. Moreover, it can resist more chemicals as it has high carbon content. It is held as one of the best options to remove hanging solid and heavy. In biofilm treatment, anthracite is used as a carrier. It also helps in the growth of micro-flocks.

Mobilized Charcoal Filters

Charcoal, in other words carbon, is treated with oxygen. Small pores are opened between the carbon atoms following in consumption of pollutants from liquid and gases.

Organic matters, chlorine, and disinfectants are removed from water with the aid of mobilized or activated charcoal filters. They are also known to improve the taste of water. Using this process before any other filtration method such as reverse osmosis, saves oxidation.

Characteristics of Dual Media Filters

  1. Simple design
  2. Multi-layer filters
  3. 20-30 micron filtration rating
  4. Standard and persuasive quartz sand media
  5. Air cleaning for high flow pressure vessel
  6. Low pressure drop across the vessel
  7. Vessels like MSRL, SS, DRP, and MSEP
  8. Manual, semi-automatic, and automatic features
  9. For safety, structural steel legs are designed which offers powerful support
  10. Takes care of occasional fluctuations in flow rate
  11. Filter cycles in the middle of backwashing are long

Merits of Dual Media Filters

Dual filters are more efficient than the normal sand media filters in attracting large amount of particles present in water. This happens because of the many filter layers with different levels of pores.

Another difference noted when compared with the sand media filters is that dual media filters last longer. This is because of the complete utilization of the dual media filter bed. Some more merits are mentioned below:

  1. Eliminates impurity and TSS effectively
  2. High quality output
  3. Hand holes and two elliptical manholes
  4. High dirt elimination potential
  5. Filtration rate is high
  6. Simple to operate
  7. Simple to maintain
  8. Hassle free to install
  9. Low installation cost
  10. Reliable and effective
  11. Low energy requirement
  12. Reduced start-up time
  13. Loss of pressure is less
  14. Affordable

Dual media filters are much more efficient in elimination of dirt compared to pressure filters.

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