Why Should You Clean the Septic Tank of a Water Treatment Plant?
December 05, 2019

Why Should You Clean the Septic Tank of a Water Treatment Plant?

Septic tanks are taken for granted as they are never visible. But this side eye will not only cost you more money but will also cost the health of your family. The shortcoming of septic tanks are not only difficult to maintain but are expensive to repair as well, let away replacing it. The failure is generally caused due to poor maintenance. The only way to avoid this is to have the tank regularly cleaned and maintained. This will allow you to save the money that goes for replacing it.

Your sewage water treatment plant will need pumping after running for 3 to 5 years, depending upon its usage and water requirements. But the working of the whole sewage water treatment plant comes down on the function of the septic tank or septic system, due to which maintaining it becomes crucial. You should also know that a non-functioning septic tank can reduce the worth of your property and might also become a legal liability.

Reasons why you should keep the Septic Tank of your Sewage Water Treatment Plant clean!

1. Dirty Septic Tank can have an unfavorable effect on your health: When the septic tank of your sewage water treatment plant fails, the water will remain contaminated when released back into the environment. This contaminated water can make your surrounding wells and groundwater dirty turning it useless or ineffective. This can further cause diseases.

2. Dirty Septic Tanks can affect the health of the watershed: Since the beginning of ages, people have made their dwelling around the water sources like river, lakes, streams or coasts. But with an greater number of activities in these water bodies have contaminated our water. For example, the river Ganga is still considered to be damaged beyond repair. Genex Utility feels that we, as humans have done enough damage and it is time to at least evolve better preventive systems to save our waters.

Sewage water treatment plants can be the best of these inhibitory systems, but a dirty septic tank can kill the cause.

So, how to keep going the septic system of your sewage water treatment plant?

Septic Systems are intricate but you can follow a checklist that will enable you to keep a careful check on it. Check out the list of things you need to do, in order to have a clean Septic System in your sewage water treatment plant.

  • • Let the professionals examine your Septic Tank every 2 to 3 years
  • • Use your water sensibly by only filling the tubs and sinks with the quantity of water you actually need and turn the tap off, tightly.
  • • Repair and replace all the old toilets and faucets that can cause a leak.
  • • Do not flush unsafe waste.
  • • Avoid parking or driving around your septic tank. Keep it compact and safe.
  • • Your septic tank can get clogged with a few wastes. Thus, avoid flushing down cigarette filters, coffee grounds, cat litter, diapers, greases and other sanitary items.
  • • Household chemicals like paints, pesticides, gasoline and more can affect the performance of the septic tank. Never allow these hazardous wastes into it.