Features & Applications of Dual Media Filters
March 06, 2020

Features & Applications of Dual Media Filters

Wastewater treatment plants are significant as common water is composed of pollutants that can be hazardous to humans, animals, and the environment.

Media filtration is an automated method used by waste water treatment plants in India. Both chemical and physical absorption procedure are used here. The 4 important levels in media filtration are pouring, sedimentation, blocking, and dispersal. The final level is inertial compression.

Implementation of dual media filters is an effective solution for polluted water. It is regarded as the perfect method for the elimination of thick organic matter, and many other contaminants. However, liquefied solids are incompletely removed by this method.

The dual media filter technology is used in multiple water treatment plants. Mostly, because of its successful construction and dual filtration method.

Water in a dual media filters moves through medium with somewhat smaller pores. Anthracite discharges out the largest molecules. Next layer eliminates particles with the help of adhesion and straining blend attribute of sand and garnet. Filters do not prevent as quickly as they do in a single filtration procedure. It is actually due to multiple depths or filters in dual media filter process.

An automatic back washing technique is used in dual media filters which help managing unit efficiency.

A sand-anthracite filter or dual media filter/multiple-media filter is primarily used for the removal of murkiness and draped solids as low as 10-20 microns. Dual media filters provide very efficient particle elimination under the conditions of high filtration rate. Inside a sand-anthracite filter is a bordered bed of filter media.

The bed is Classified from bottom to top as follows:

  1. Composed of the filter media standardized this way allows the sand anthracite Filter to run for greater period before a backwash is required. A sand anthracite filter or multi-media filter consists of 2 key parts• A composite pressure vessel with Multiport Valve.:
  2. A composite pressure vessel with Multiport Valve.
  3. Classified beds of sand and anthracite.

From inside, the dual media filter is put up with an inlet distributor and a bottom Colleting system. From exterior, the system is put up with frontal pipe work and isolation valves. Sand is used to eliminate the draped particles and anthracite is used to eliminate the odor and color etc. to make the water fit for several applications. Gravels and pebbles are offered to assist to both the media. Occasionally, the sand-anthracite filter will backwash, changes the water flow through the sand-anthracite filter.


  1. Side stream filtration of cooling tower
  2. Suitable water treatment
  3. Waste Water treatment
  4. Boiler feed water

Salient Features:

  1. High Filtration potential
  2. Filter up to 10 €“ 20 Microns
  3. FRP, MSRL, MSEP & SS Vessel obtainable
  4. Quality and successful sand- anthracite media
  5. Low Pressure reduction throughout the vessel
  6. Air scrubbing available for high flow pressure vessel
  7. Manual, Semi Automated and Automated characteristics are offered