A Seminar dealing with need of waste water management in India
August 01, 2019

A Seminar dealing with need of waste water management in India

A latest program conducted by department of Civil engineering at Dayanand Sagar College highlighted the importance of waste water management in society that has become prime need of the hour. 120 students attended the technical discussion on it. At a time when Global warming is growing at an alarming rate, and summers become hotter than ever while rainy season engulfs almost entire major states underwater. The conservation of water becomes the crucial solution to lack of water facilities in the country.

Managing Director of Genex Utility Management Mr. Jeevan Raj delivered a speech about the technical insights on Recycling of Waste Water and Smart Sewage management, Dept. of Civil Engineering at Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering. Genex is committed to continue the CSR activities for a better environment.

The technical discussion delves into deep into the decrease in nature and causes of water standards thus giving us the intricate insight into the core of water crisis and how it can be solved.


  • Residential Buildings (Kitchen, Bathroom)
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Industries (Usually require specialized treatment process with respect to effluent type).

  • A Seminar dealing with need of waste water management in India

    He got the opportunity to spread awareness of waste water management system and how it functions. He spoke on the following subjects:-


  • Mr. Jeevan Raj spoke on the different types of equipments in sewage treatment plants that cleanse water biologically. He also spoke on the sludge management that is an integral part of municipal waste water treatment plant used for extracting nitrogen and phosphorous from sewage water that is usually beneficial fertilizer for plants. He elaborated about SBR processes and MBR processes along with Smart water and waste water management in Buildings specifically for large Residential, Commercial & Industrial purposes.

    He spoke on total water management of buildings focusing upon Tanker Water Management:-

  • Smart Water Treatment Plant
  • Smart Reverse Osmosis Plant
  • Smart Cooling Tower
  • Smart Sewage/Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Swimming Pool Management

  • Genex Utility Management is grateful to Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering for granting him the opportunity to speak on the various perspectives of waste water management thereby inculcating values among the budding youths who stand as the future hopes for preservation of nature’s precious gift of water and restore health and hygiene of society.

    Special Thanks to Kites Construction Academy for inviting me.