Most inquired FAQs regarding Sewage Treatment Plant
March 13, 2020

Most inquired FAQs regarding Sewage Treatment Plant

Being one the leading manufacturers of high-end water treatment plants in Bangalore, Genex Utility endeavors to answer the frequently asked questions about the Sewage Treatment Plant.

What can be termed as a Small Sewage Treatment Plant?

Plants that manage about 1 to 250 Kilo Liters per day as called the small sewage water treatment plants. They can be easily placed in underground tanks and existing septic tanks. Operating and managing these small plants are simple and have a low running expense and the treated water from this plant can be used in smoothly, after using disinfecting chemicals.

Why does a sewage treatment plant do not work so often?

The only cause of its frequent failure can be that they are poorly designed. It is not the fault of the process but the person who has made the plant. Many of the sewage water treatment plants in India, do not consider the water timings from the corporation, as of which they fail to design a proper group of tank. Many operators blame the people for not using their water systematically and push it on the use of detergent, soap, disinfectants or oil. But the fact lies upon, lack of properly designed sewage water treatment plant that can actually resist any kind of household waste easily so it is definitely the design. Try to get a sewage water treatment plant from a renowned manufacturer or supplier in Bangalore to prevent such failures.

Why are Modular Sewage Treatment Plants necessary for Low Occupancy Buildings?

Many new buildings are occupied in a gradual manner which may take years to achieve complete occupancy. With this in mind, the buildings should install a Modular Sewage Treatment Plant by planning ahead on the occupancy. Other than this, we have mentioned a few causes why it will be beneficial:

  1. Independently operated reactor tanks
  2. Timed aeration method
  3. Biological treatment method with Activated Sludge
  4. Expert control over the entire procedure

Why Choose SBR Sewage Water Treatment Plant?

SBR sewage water treatment plants are highly efficient to perform under multiple loads and water flow conditions.

Merits of opting SBR Sewage Water Treatment Plant

There are countless merits of installing a SBR Sewage Water Treatment Plant, along with offering construction flexibilities like:

  1. Completely grounded machinery and construction
  2. Completely underground construction, on top of the grounded machines
  3. Partly underground construction
  4. SBR chamber at one location and several collection of tanks at different locations
  5. Several SBR sewage water treatment plants in different locations at one site

Operational Merits of a SBR Sewage Treatment System:

  1. Uninterrupted treatment
  2. Complete automation control
  3. Persistent and successful process
  4. Simple in operation
  5. Advanced and clean process
  6. No minimum load needed for the plant to function
  7. Reduced running expenses
  8. Limited parts to repair and manage
  9. Less sludge production
  10. Very simple construction requirements

Whom to choose to get the best SBR Sewage Water Treatment Plant?

Do not know about the leading suppliers or manufacturers in Bangalore but wish to get an outstanding SBR Sewage Water Treatment Plant? Get in touch with Genex Utility. We always offer you with foremost results in water treatment facilities.