5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Wastewater System Control Panel
March 20, 2020

5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Wastewater System Control Panel

Even though your system is still meeting your treatment goals of corporate sustainability and local POTW or federal discharge limits, there are some evaluative causes why you should consider contacting Genex Utility about reforming your control panels.

1. Obsolete Technologies & Slow Processors

Your wastewater system may be at risk if you have a past control panel. What happens if your outdated control panel stops working and is no longer supported? A possible shutdown on production is the evident outcome. Above all, the ground of your wastewater treatment system is to meet condemning discharge limits. If you can’t, your company may have to cease production just because of an outdated processor.

PLC – SLC 500, RSLogix 500, Micrologix 1100 & 1400 are among these technologies that need replacement.

If you haven’t heard the news, companies which are growing in their output have decided won’t be supporting outdated SLC series models or all-low demand categories. SLC 505 components, specifically, are getting expensive everyday and are hard to find as researchers have begun to curtail. So, before you run into a technological nightmare with your wastewater treatment system, contact us for a consultation on whether or not you should upgrade your PLC.

HMI (graphic user interface) – Xycom, Wonderware software, Allen Bradley 200R, PanelView™

If the screen on your control panel uses Xycom, anything with Wonderware software or outdated PC (white box or Allen Bradley 200R), PanelView Standard, or PanelView Component, you need to contact us about developing your control panel.

Genex Utility has will be in your best interest to upgrade your control panel if you’re still using a graphic interface before the latest merger.

Systems with Allen Bradley RSView32 or any touch screens that are 10” must be replaced. These HMI’s are on the verge of getting diminished and unsupported.

2. New Wastewater Treatment Automation Options

Some of our customers are still manually controlling their treatment method. Genex Utility persists to take developing steps towards designing systems requiring minimum operator participation. Our control panels now have superior processors to handle effective automation; time bound system warnings and alarms, deterrent maintenance reminders, as well as optional analytics packages to observe latest trends.

These options can prove to be quite precious to your plant operators who may have to split their time between wastewater treatment and producing your product. Regardless of what you’re producing whether it is engine constituents for airplanes, cars, or tractors or meat, milk, or beverages for eating and drinking, automation can prove to be a remarkable time-saving tool for your plant.

We have seen some clients use excess of chemicals because their wastewater treatment process didn’t align with their production cycle. So, instead of taking a look at timing their chemical dosing, they just used more and more chemicals. By working with Genex Utility, automation can take out some of the conjecture, remove confusions, and reduce the risk of expensive operator errors.

3. Enhanced User Interface

Over the past decade, we have consistently improved our control panels for uninterrupted operation. What is the outcome if your plant manager leaves your company? You want to have a wastewater control panel that is instinctive and simple to use. That way, your new plant manager or wastewater treatment operator has to refer to a manual or contact Genex for clearing their queries.

4. Uniting New Processes

Let’s say your system was installed 20 years ago and you just added a new process. One thing you may not have considered is managing centralized controls, updating your programming methods. We have programmers, electricians, system designers, and engineers all in-house that work together to ensure control panels are appropriately programmed based on your specific needs. If you add a new step to your cleaning process, we can update the program even if we have not designed the system.

5. Protect Remote Monitoring

With Genex Utility experts can log in to your system to help you resolve troubleshoot issues that may occur. Not only is this more affordable. It also enables practical, same-day support during our business hours. You don’t have to wait for one of our service techs to fly to your location and help you onsite. Of course, expert at Genex utility is always there for you, but many issues can be solved over the phone or online.