Reduce Expenses & Risk with a New Wastewater Treatment Control Panel
March 21, 2020

Reduce Expenses & Risk with a New Wastewater Treatment Control Panel

There are remarkable expenses that can come from failure to upgrade your control panels. Expenses including:

  1. Plant shutdowns
  2. Unnecessary chemical usage
  3. Operator error
  4. Inefficient and failing procedures

No one wants to be the one to tell their boss that they have to shut down a plant because of obsolete technology or operator error with their wastewater treatment. So, let’s work together to ensure you never need to have that conversation.

Genex E-Controllers

Genex Utility has several e-controllers for our customers to opt from in accordance with their needs. However, our E10 controller offers the best value.

The Windows-based PC HMI provides active graphics with a status bar to display crucial data on each operating page.

Not only does it have the processor and constituents required for our most experienced automation programming, but it also comes with a comprehensive variety of visual alarms, additional security layers, and more adaptability with the graphic user interface (HMI).

All Genex Control Panels are designed, established and programmed in house by our team of experts for each client system. By building the controls in-house, our Account Managers and Field Service teams can provide maximum and efficient long-term support.

Other Causes to Upgrade

Shrink Footprint

One of the things we consistently hear during visits with our customers is space constraints. We have designed our modular systems as such to have small footprints and have improved customization work to enable choices for customers using small spaces. Maybe your obsolete system has eaten up too much of your space besides not consistently meeting your wastewater treatment objectives. If that’s the case, check out this 3D video of the Genex Module 1500 that can manage flow rates in the range of 5-15 GPM. We also have familiar continuous flow systems with a small footprint that can handle flow rates up to 250 GPM.

Raise potential

An increase in production is a good sign for your business is known to everyone. It generally means that your supply balanced to that of demand. That’s a business 101 concept. However, development is sometimes a painstaking process. More production = more wastewater to treat. At Genex, we work with our customers to opt for the most effective option. The best option may not be to tear out your old system and begin again. Maybe you require adding a new system to manage a new waste stream, get bigger tanks and new pumps, or get a larger filter press. Anyways, we have done it many times. You need experts with 20-40 years of experience to assess your present treatment process and offer you choices: Complete service vs. new systems, tanks, or other minor updates. Then from there, you can make an educated decision. In many cases, we only perform few minor upgrades and updates here and there, and we’re happy to do that. We have responsible personnel who have to handle Genex and non- Genex upgrades throughout Bangalore because we are aware that not too many customers need a brand new wastewater system in their plant.

Wastewater control panel evaluation required

So, now you know the causes for why you must consider upgrading your control panel. If you think you’re at risk or have an opportunity to enhance your wastewater treatment process, contact Genex Utility. Our distinguished value prop is will resolve your issues of wastewater treatment. We work efficiently on it by having skilled engineers, service techs, accomplished sales reps, programmers, electricians, chemists, and system designers working together to solve your wastewater treatment challenges so you can go back to doing what you do best. Whether that’s manufacturing auto parts, construction material, or producing chicken, milk, beer, or cosmetics, you get to do what you do best, and we get to do what we do best: industrial wastewater treatment.