A Seminar focusing on Operational procedures of MBRs
September 24, 2019

A Seminar focusing on Operational procedures of MBRs

A seminar conducted by Pragathi institute of environmental science to industrial representatives and retired KSPCB officers upon wastewater treatment at Bangalore. The subject to be highlighted was on the MBR and its operational procedure.

Managing Director of Genex Utility Management Mr. Jeevan Raj got the prestigious opportunity to speak on the subject while he was invited as the honourable guest at the Seminar. He delivered a speech about the technical insights on Recycling of Waste Water and Smart Sewage management, emphasizing more on Membrane Bioreactor technology (MBR).

MBRs have been used for both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment and reclamation. An MBR is a hybrid of a conventional biological treatment system and physical liquid–solid separation using membrane filtration in one system. Mr. Jeevan Raj spoke about the advantages of MBR over other technologies of wastewater treatment. He said how Membrane Bioreactors (MBRs) combine conventional biological treatment (e.g. activated sludge) processes with membrane filtration to provide the foremost level of organic and suspended solids removal. Secondary clarifiers and tertiary filtration processes are removed, thereby reducing plant footprint. He also elaborated about various ways to devise the skills and standard of treatment, Plant, real time monitoring systems for total water analytic.

Genex Utility Management is grateful to Pragathi institute of environmental science for giving him the opportunity to speak on the different perspectives of waste water management thereby spreading awareness among people who are determined to save water would carry on the practice by instilling values among their children who stand as the future hopes for preservation of nature’s precious gift of water and restore health and hygiene of society.