Application of DAF and MBBR Systems in Meat Processing Wastewater Treatment
April 08, 2020

Application of DAF and MBBR Systems in Meat Processing Wastewater Treatment

Both DAF and MBBR systems are perfect for implying in the cleaning of wastewater in meat production facilities, due to their potential to effectively eliminate a wide range of organic particles from wastewater without the use of damaging chemicals. Each system offers its own unique merits, which makes it better suited than other treatment methods for certain situations. For example:

  • DAF systems are very effective and affordable at managing bulk and biological solids in wastewater. Their use of water and air solutions for elimination of solids which turns them into an environmentally friendly treatment solution.

  • MBBR systems caters as complete solids elimination solutions for high-volume loads and/or limited space environments. Their low process complication reduces the requirement for operator involvement and maintenance.

Implementation of DAF and MBBR Systems in the Meat Industry

In the meat industry, DAF and MBBR systems are highly efficient for the following applications:

  • Animal holding and slaughtering operations
  • Hide processing
  • Meat preparation, processing, and production
  • Inedible waste material Management

While these two systems are used separately in the above processes, they can be—and often are—used together for more effective water treatment.

Deciding on whether DAF, MBBR, or a blend of both systems suits a meat processing facility’s needs can be difficult, but the team at Genex Utility is here to help. At Genex, we understand that each facility carries its own requirements and limitations. Therefore, we provide a wide range of customized services to ensure that each customer has the best system relevant to their needs.

Partnering With Genex Utility for DAF and MBRR Systems

Genex Utility is a Leading supplier of highly advanced wastewater treatment solutions, including DAF and MBBR systems for meat processing and packaging services . Although we do not manufacture DAF systems, we are experts at sourcing and offering her esteemed clients with foremost quality DAF systems and incorporating them into our customers’ new and existing facilities as of requirements. Our top grade MBBR systems are designed and manufactured in-house for superior automation and more efficient treatment.

By collaborating with us for their wastewater treatment needs, meat industry customers benefit from our:

  • Thorough experience in designing and evolving industrial wastewater treatment solutions, including for high profile clients
  • Highly knowledgeable team consisting of engineers, chemists, and Creators.
  • Comprehensive range of all service abilities, including equipment design, build, and installation, chemical optimization, automation and controls integration, aftersales service and support, and system upgrades

For additional information about our wastewater treatment solutions or how we serve the meat industry, contact us today.